We love what we do and experience great joy to watch parents and kids walk out with a smile on their face. Their testimonials is what makes our job so wonderful.
  • Amanda Smith
    Dr.Mahal and his staff are the best! I highly recommend them! I can't say enough good things about our experience with them.
    Amanda Smith
  • Ann Cavlovic
    I'm very impressed with Dr. Mahal and his team. He is an excellent communicator, and I have never met another professional who is so concerned that a parent fully understands the pros and cons of different approaches. I had brought my child to another pediatric dentist, who had said that general anesthetic was necessary for my child, since he was too likely to squirm under sedation. That turned out to be more of a reflection on that dentist than my son. With Dr. Mahal and his team my son did quite well under sedation, and I'm very happy to have been able to avoid general anesthetic.
    Ann Cavlovic
  • Judith Schraner
    AMAZING experience all around. If you have an anxious child, do not hesitate checking out this place. Dr. Mahal and staff are absolutely incredible. Thank you for the wonderful attention, patience and delicate care you provided to Sofie.
    Judith Schraner
  • Melissa Jaxson
    Amazing experience!!!! Amazed at how well they got my son to get comfortable with them and allowed them to do what they need for the first time and he did not have any issues. Changed my way of thinking of dentists myself.
    Melissa Jaxson
  • Cheryl Merkley Bingley
    We met the team in Dec and fast forward to surgery day yesterday amazing service from the whole team. We felt like horrible parents when we discovered our daughter had cavities and needed work done but Dr Mahal and his team reassured us that it happens to everyone and that they would do everything they could to get her fixed up. They definitely did and thank you to Dr Mahal for answering out of hours emails to answer my questions. Speaking for both of us its been fantastic and I will be the 1st tp recommend this office.
    Cheryl Merkley Bingley